The Movie Loot

The Movie Loot 73: The Puerto Rican Loot (with Mario Alegre)

November 27, 2022 Carlo Season 3 Episode 21
The Movie Loot
The Movie Loot 73: The Puerto Rican Loot (with Mario Alegre)
Show Notes

In this episode, we invite you all to take a short trip to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico where me and local film critic Mario Alegre talk about Puerto Rican cinema, its history, struggles, accomplishments, as well as our favorite Puerto Rican films. So hop in the plane, and come visit so you can learn a bit more about what our filmmakers are putting out there!

DISCLAIMER: There were some network connection issues from my part that affected some of Mario's dialogue, so my excuses to you, listeners. I hope you can still get some out of it and enjoy it.

00:00:00 - 00:04:17 -- Intro
00:04:17 - 00:15:44 -- Meet Mario!
00:15:44 - 00:36:40 -- The Puerto Rican Talk
00:36:40 - 00:40:51 -- Puerto Rican Film Trivia
00:40:51 - 00:58:53 -- The Puerto Rican Loot
00:58:53 - 01:02:12 -- FilmTwitter's Puerto Rican Loot
01:02:12 - 01:03:41 -- Closing
01:03:41 - 01:07:30 -- Outro

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La Gran Fiesta clip (c) Moreno Films

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Music: Tino Mendes & Yellow Paper - The Heist